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The Path of Life

The Hippocrates Lifestyle™ was established six decades ago by Ann Wigmore. Her belief is that the body is inherently a self-healing and self-regenerating organism, if given the proper tools. For the last 40+ years, under Directors Brian and Anna Maria Clement, hundreds of thousands of people have renewed their lives and become happy, productive members of an expanding healthy humanity.

The 21 day Life Transformation Program will empower you to take responsibility for your health and your life. The program is designed to address the whole person, while identifying and treating the root cause of any conditions. The goal of this time-tested and renowned program is to nourish each cell with exceptional nutrition.

During your stay you will receive the tools necessary to begin implementing our program into your daily life:

  • State-of-the art bio-frequency evaluation and blood evaluation with our professionals

  • 40+ hours of informative classes on practical and enhancing subjects that help you take this health-building lifestyle home

  • Organic, enzyme-rich plant-based buffets, organic green juice, and wheatgrass juice daily

  • Weekly therapeutic massage and non-invasive therapies targeting the nervous, lymphatic, & digestive systems to bring the body back to equilibrium

  • Individual and group sessions with our gifted psychotherapists

  • Cutting-edge indoor and outdoor fitness centers, exercise classes including: water aerobics, rebounding, weight training, Qigong, yoga, and more

  • Full access to our sprawling 50 acre campus - the lush tropical landscape, walking paths, ponds, meditation gardens, reflexology stream, chlorine-free swimming pools, salt mineral and cold plunge pools, jaccuzis, infrared saunas, and steam room

  • Evening recreational activities including dancing, music, movies, and games

  • Off-campus excursions to the beach, organic raw dining, local events, shopping and more

At Hippocrates we also offer:

  • Oasis Spa and Therapy Center

  • Become Organic Salon

  • Hippocrates Store

  • Hippocrates Organic Farm

  • Vida Medical Center

  • LiquiVida Lounge, which offers oxygen and IV-vitamin therapies

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